Our Story

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The Mission:

Stain'd Arts is a non-profit arts organization which creates platforms for an intersectional community of artists to explore subversive topics and present provocative work based on the philosophy that art which challenges held beliefs is art doing its best service in society. Stain’d seeks to offer the world unfamiliar representations of beauty. Through the use of community events, publishing, and workshops all focused around the arts we support the growth of a radically compassionate space to share what might otherwise be kept secret; build connection; explore difficult, nuanced topics without fear; and show the common concept made new.

The founders of Stain'd, Noah and Delia, came together in an alleyway, years back with a shared vision of a literary and arts publication committed to uncovering the washed out wonders of the world. It has grown exponentially since. We've run an online space for visual and literary artists to present their work since 2015. Through the often unheard and the unseen we are exploring unusual representations of beauty and the humanity within. We celebrate the ambiguous spaces, the nuance and complexity, the grey matter. This past fall we came out with our first printed volume of Stain'd Magazine. We offer space for guest artists to facilitate workshops, to be featured at open-mics and through our reading series.

We believe by bringing this type of provocative, bold art into people's consciousness, into their Friday nights, onto their coffee tables and the backs of their toilets, we create a more connected, honest and vibrant world.

We’re so glad you’re here!


Did you know that we are entirely volunteer run? Your investment in our community, in whatever capacity, is so meaningful for us.

There are many ways to get involved with our work. From donating time, space or resources, to getting project support as an artist, to being a paid feature at an event, there are plenty of opportunities for further engagement.

Stain’d Arts Calendar of Cultural Events and Deadlines:

March 3rd: Vol. III: Blood Reading from local contributors (5pm, Whittier Cafe)

March 7th: Claire Heywood EP Release (8.30pm, Syntax Physic Opera)

March 6th: Creative Writing Critique Group (6pm, Hooked on Colfax)

March 13th:  Creative Writing Critique Group (6pm, Hooked on Colfax)

March 15th: Open Mic, featuring Niyankor Ajuaj (7pm, Whittier Cafe)

March 20th: Creative Writing Critique Group (6pm, Hooked on Colfax)

March 27th: Creative Writing Critique Group (6pm, Hooked on Colfax)

April 12th: Liminal (7pm, Mercury Cafe)

Bring Stain’d Arts to Your City

We would love to partner with you to host Stain’d Arts cultural events in your city. Events can include poetry workshops, readings, artist showcases, storytelling events and more. Get in touch with Delia@staindmagazine.com

Support Our Work

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There are a couple of ways you can support what we're doing. First off, buying our publication, talking about it with your friends and becoming a part of our artist community! We love to hear from you all, it helps bolster our mission and ground us in our work to know who the community is. If you’re in Denver, there are tons of volunteer opportunities as well. Drop a line.

Beyond that, you can become a donor. You can do this through our PayPal or Venmo account as a single time donation, or through Patreon, which is a membership-based crowdfunding source. As a member through Patreon you contribute a monthly amount to our organization. In return, we give you rewards and goodies and endless appreciation.

We are currently seeking sponsors for both our printed content and our cultural events. If you are a part of an organization or a company, you can sponsor our work! Send an email to learn more about how you’ll be represented in our work, and our packages and pricing. We look forward to working with you.

And thank you.