One of the first ever submissions to Coin-Op from Hali Martin. Still so indebted and grateful for this beginning. Below, find a selection of the pieces from Coin-Op's first issue. 



- Jeremy Colvard

To purify and perfect my innerness
that it may merit from GOD,
to be taken under HIS divine care.
Constantly as HE has been, and is,
and I hope it will not be this HE
who stubbornly cannot be SHE—

There is no separation… socialization…discrimination…
HE is SHE and SHE is HE, both and neither
OH MY GOD within my mind lied the lie so far engraved the thought
that Unity was only but this, the unit-ME- disconnected from HE.

Conform to Tradition.
All else is less than unforgiven.
These tales of He who is this Fatherness
But how to he or she who is fatherless?

Unknown is She who’s Motherness
may actually be a CONSCIOUSNESS
within my Heart I recognize my innerness to be Androgynous.

A Cosmic eye unblinded by the abyss
I accept the depth I will come to REALIZE.
Within you—within me—

This eye within I’ve come to know
as above and so below,
A calm, serene, eternal key
to my panoramic clarity—.

-Callie Kitral


Words by Freddie Kolwey and design by Callie Kitral

-Callie Kitral