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We strive to not only create platforms for a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds presented through art, but also to compensate these individuals for the contribution they are making to society through engaging in the type of challenging dialogue, and nuanced conversation we believe in.

100% of Artist Support Donations go toward payments of artists involved in Stain'd. This includes artists submitting to our magazine; artists showcasing their work at our events, such as our open mic which features a local, emerging artist, our storytelling event which includes up to twelve multidisciplinary artists (storytellers, musicians, photographers, videographers and visual artists); and artists facilitating workshops, which range from photographers to poets to painters.

Become an Artist Sponsor

Our programming spans across Denver and the U.S.

We make it a top priority to allows create affordable cultural events, and offer everything we do at a sliding scale. This means that some of our costs are higher than our income from sales, event tickets or donations.

By becoming a Program Sponsor, you ensure we can continue to offer this programming at a range of costs, making art accessible to all. 100% of Donations at this level will go toward program support. Our programs include:

-Stain'd Magazine Print Edition
-Stain'd Magazine Online
-Internship Program with East High School
-Liminal storytelling event
-Artist Facilitated Workshops
-Other publications including poetry and short story collections
-Monthly Open Mic
-Summer Reading Series

Become a Program Sponsor

Stain'd Arts is primarily composed of a team of volunteers. We work hard to bring this level of art, community engagement and culture into your life. We love what we do. Truly. But love of something doesn't override the need to pay the bills.

Supporting the operating costs of a nonprofit is one of the most helpful things you as a donor can do. Because many grants are reluctant to cover operating costs, we rely on you, our community, to help us keep the lights on.

Donations at the Structural Level go toward staff salaries (we're currently working on paying our executive director, and would soon like to hire someone), renting office space, website and hosting fees, marketing budget, and ideally, one day, a travel budget to spread our publications, and build our community of artists, around the nation.

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