Fluid Bloom - Mark Schwartzman


As an artist, I seek to experiment, interact, as well as respond to the world around me and the world contained within me. These two worlds melt together onto paper and canvas with various paints to create compositions that reflect the complexities and nuances of reality as well as the imagination. Painting is an intricate language and I strive to be as fluent and articulate as possible. All languages are dynamic and diverse. It is a goal of mine to imitate this in my projects. Creating compositions is a way to explore and investigate the human experience and then manifest it into something physical and in a personal way. Spreading reflections of oneself and their experience with the world is quite a sensation; it complicates and yet simplifies oneself as well as the viewer. When an idea is released through a composition it is both a liberating and vulnerable feeling. Then, the viewer, when experiencing the composition creates an instant connection with the artist; he or she is either viewing or buying an extremity of the artist. The viewer revitalizes the work by processing it and having an opinion about it. This aspect of art excites me: evoking something from the viewer whether it is love, hate, humor, confusion, or discomfort. This connection between artist and viewer remains immensely important throughout my practice. The people that surround me are a constant flow of inspiration- friends, family, peers, and teachers. Contemporary painting, sculpture and street art fuels me not only to keep creating, but gives me an outlet to dialogue with. Every composition that I create has some sort of discussion with a contemporary piece, whether it be physical composition, concept, technique, or direct reference. At my current state of work, everything is looked upon as an experiment. Some experiments are more successful than others but every experiment is a success in the fact that I gain some knowledge, extend my experience, and spread little pieces of myself throughout walls worldwide. 


Fluid Bloom (Fluid)

Fluid Bloom (Fluid Inversion)

Fluid Bloom (Bloom 1 Inversion)

Fluid Bloom (Bloom 1)

Fluid Bloom (Bloom 2 Inversion)

Fluid Bloom (Bloom 2)