Stain'd Vol. II

Stain'd Vol. II


We've curated submissions from across Colorado and the nation to inform a study on shame. This volume is full of pages of gorgeous writings, paintings, photography. There are poems, oil paintings, non-fiction pieces, portraits, fictions, drawings. Perfect bound, full color, love-soaked yumminess. Too much?

We believe in making art accessible. We have designed a sort of sliding scale price range for the first issue. Please pay what you think is fair, or what you can afford.

We know a $25 donation may feel like a lot. Remember, you are helping not only to pay artists, but also to allow us to offer a much lower price point for those who have greater financial burdens. Every product listed here is the same. By paying slightly more you afford the opportunity to many who may not be able to pay as much. We so appreciate you giving us the capacity to offer lower prices.

Contributing Artists:

Remy Martell Abrought, Robert Wright, Mike Roderique, Britta Horsfall, Mackenzie Broderick, David Grivette, Miabelle Salzano, Maxx Zenisek, Liz Lilien, Genevieve Waterbury, Jonina Diele, Robyn Frances, Danny Mazur, Laura Connochie, Amy Donnelly, Kristen Gerber, Esther Hz, Andrea Dreiling, Amelia Parenteau, Taylor Heussner, Jadina Lilien, Liam Kelley, Samantha Purdy, Rebecca Hannigan, Tor Ehler, J. Mark Tebben, Michelle Nguyen, Matthew Maichen, Sarah Rodriguez, Emma Kimball

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