A Stain'd, Soul Stories Collaboration

Soul Stories is a community space designed to facilitate dialogue, self-exploration, and collective understanding through interpersonal storytelling and artistic expression.

Stain'd and Soul Stories share a similar goal. We want your deepest truth. And we want that truth to amplify on the page, over coffee, and/or behind a microphone. In the months ahead we will be cultivating community through open mic's, story slams, and a combined publication.


1. Connection

  • We believe personal storytelling is our greatest vehicle towards connection. When you listen to someone's story, you have the opportunity to understand the emotions, experiences, and decisions within that individual. It is difficult to be afraid of, judge and exclude someone when you understand why they have developed their current philosophies. Our hope is to promote a society that seeks to connect, not divide.

2. Vulnerability

  • It is one thing to share your story as you know it. It is another to have the courage to be vulnerable with it. To explore the parts of your story that may be hiding in shame. Or tied to a deeply felt anger or sadness. Through the process of developing our self-awareness we are able to fully own, live in, and re-write our story as we see fit. It is in this that the true power of a story lies. And when we lead with our hearts, we open the hearts of others.


1st Sunday: Soul Stories gathering that includes mindfulness, story sharing dialogue, and an artistic performance.

3rd Friday: Open Mic hosted by Stain'd and facilitated by Soul Stories. Bring any form of artistic expression to share with our community!

Seasonal Story Slam: In collaboration with Stain'd, we will be hosting a story slam that focuses on humanizing difficult social topics and our shared vulnerabilities.