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A Stain'd Creative Writing Critique Group

Hey folks, Mark, your friendly moderator, here. I've got just a couple suggestions for you if you're planning to attend the group!

- The group starts at 6PM sharp in the downstairs of Hooked on Colfax (unless we get booted to the upstairs!) and if you're planning to get a beverage or a treat, make sure you arrive early so you're settled in with your snacks and drinks by 6PM!

- If you're bringing something for critique, please limit it to something that can be read in 5-7 minutes! If you have longer pieces, consider bringing shorter sections of them over multiple weeks.

- The purpose of the group is to get feedback, not to defend your writing! After you've presented, sit back, relax, and let the group give its insight. And if you're giving feedback, be sure to make enough room for everyone to speak!

- While not required, I strongly encourage you to bring several printed copies of your writing to pass out to the group, for readers to take notes on as they read. This will provide you with a written record of feedback, as well as potentially provide more feedback than a 5-10 minute discussion could.

- Also not required, but if you have specific feedback you're looking for, come prepared with a question or two to ask the group to reflect on while you're presenting.