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Disquiet Release

Heidi Jung cover of Disquiet Vol. I Stain'd publishing

Stain'd Arts' highly anticipated (& a mere 10 months late) poetry collection is being released! Disquiet is the first of its kind, and we're delighted to bring it into the world (and onto your coffee tables, flattened between your couch cushions, tucked into your bed).

Please join us for a party party, a poetry party (the only kind of party).

We'll be socializing and kicking it for the first little while, then our ears (our hearts our heads) will be blessed by the likes of:
Elena Burgueño
Taylor Heussner
Andrew Walker
Liam Kelley
Erika Oakvik
Sarah Rodriguez
Molly Davidson (no fb, we respect her for this)
Afton Montgomery (potentially, she'll be in b-day mode)
Sam Albala
Brice Maiurro
&& pending more.