What is a doula?
A doula provides support before, during and after birth. The doula guides parents-to-be to envision their birth, is there when they actualize this vision, and offers support as they begin to nourish and raise their newborn in the big bright world.

Okay. So, what does this have to do with art?
An Idea Doula works in much the same way! (Yes, it’s something we made up. But go with it here for just a moment). Stain’d Arts offers services for artists to envision the birth of their project. This work includes conceptual design, objectives, themes, fleshing out an idea. We can also be there with you as you begin to birth said project (design work, layout, copyediting), and once the project is out we will help you figure out how to raise it (into the collective consciousness?) to make the impact you know it can in the world.

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