Disquiet Vol I

Disquiet Vol I

from 18.00

Our first collection of poetry is full of gorgeous poems by fantastic writers. It’s also partially handmade with precious ways of incorporating poems. We used fabric and ancient recipe books, gesso and all sorts of sweet features throughout this book. These are highly unique, no two copies are the same. And, there is a limited supply, so get them while you can ;)

Poems by:

Taylor Heussner
Molly Davidson
Elena Burgueño
Amanda Flores
Liam Kelley
Delia LaJeunesse
Andrea Dreiling
Sam Albala
Afton Montgomery
Andrew Walker
Sarah Rodriguez
Erika Oakvik
Brice Maiurro
Amelia Parenteau
Wendy McMillan
Yung Mezmer
Ben Dreith
Rachel Trignano

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