Still Here

Chris Vanjonack

After stumbling drunk into your bedroom, crawling onto your twin-sized mattress and wrapping yourself in dirty bedsheets, you realize that you are staring into oblivion.

First We Are

Water is breathed in. The girl breathes it in. Water-logged lungs. Something at the very least to start her heart up again. The shock of it. The scratch and burn of it. The cooling yearn of it. The toss and turn of it catches in her throat like where her lover is. 

There is No Reason To Ever Be Bored

“There is no reason to ever be bored” to paraphrase Louis CK, “The world is too amazing”. 

Did you watch the X-Files reboot?                                                                                                       I know what he means, I really do; the last time I remember ‘being bored’ was in 4th grade, and that primarily involved walking around repeatedly stating that I was bored.

Death and a Trip

Elena Burgueño

Apples sat on the counter for a month and when I pressed my finger into their sides, big pockets opened up and left gooey craters outlined by yellow bruises and sticky juice bubbled to the surface.

The Light

Hush up old man, he says to himself, quieting his imaginings. His thick fingers rubbing a jar of wine, fingernails painted pink, his thumb black. Watching her across the living room, the way she sways in the light, thrumming and rocking her hips against the air in a way only he can see, nobody knows. 


When dealing with death be sure to wear gloves. It has been known to be contagious. If dying persists consult a physician (only a physician can declare something dead).

Taco Truck Woes and Secrets

There was a fire on the taco truck I work on today and John, the boss, the man, the rock, didn’t blink, he just sat there sweating, feeling his feet pulse and hurt beneath him and the weight of all his tacos, all his early mornings and late nights slow cooked beans too hard, too soft, too salty, too few,

How to Expatriate

Get a passport. Take the photograph somewhere between three and fifteen times. For the foreseeable future, this will be your only form of identification. Your favorite bartender tells you people always try to look like their ID pictures when she cards them.