There is No Reason To Ever Be Bored

There is No Reason To Ever Be Bored

“There is no reason to ever be bored” to paraphrase Louis CK, “The world is too amazing”. 

Did you watch the X-Files reboot?                                                                                                      
I know what he means, I really do; the last time I remember ‘being bored’ was in 4th grade, and that primarily involved walking around repeatedly stating that I was bored.

Did you see the Kanye explosion on Twitter?                                                                                
The problem resides not so much with the world surrounding us, it has always been a bustling place.  No, the disastrous pitfall was to connect all seven or so billion of us and give us free rein.

Did you hear about the new iPhone?                                                                                          
Nearly everything that was great about the offline world was packed neatly into little rectangles and put conveniently in our pockets; where once information was dispersed, it now literally is ever-present at our fingertips, beckoning cat videos, news articles, Tumblr posts, and job postings at anytime, and all the time.

Did you listen to the new Yoncé? And then did you see the video?                                              
The potential is to be overwhelmed by the sheer quantity of information, but being shrewd problem solvers we learned to quickly move past any piece of content that was not entirely captivating.  Given the breadth of information available, surely something has to be more interesting that what I am watching, reading, listening to, creating, writing now.

Did you read Between the World and Me?                                                                                          
A quiet moment where our thoughts wonder is now too risky, too devoid of simultaneous live tweeting or snapchatting. Concerts, movies, sporting events, all places once reserved for brain to dominate the experience have been inundated by second, third and fourth channels of entertainment, lest any second be less than 100% entertaining. 

Did you see that Amazon raised the minimum for free shipping? Did you get Prime?                  
But when my head hits the pillow, when my phone and I go into sleep mode, is when I absolutely lose my mind.  Problems - my problems - are only real if I focus on them, and when do I have time to focus if I am busy Redditing, Candy Crushing, and Huluing? 

Did you see Planet Earth 2 was announced?                                                                                    
The moment I close my eyes though, that is when I have time.  My fears, my doubts, any witty comment left unsaid, every unfunny comment blurted, all echoing around the inside of my head.  Once lively with the sound from one earbud, two talk show hosts, and three baristas, is now silent.  Like how a gym becomes eerily quite when all the kids go back to class after recess.  No more sneaker squeaks and jump ropes banging, no more yelling; only why are you not living up to your potential?; only where is your soulmate and why have you not found them?; only how long do you have left with your grandparents?

Did you read about the election?                                                                                                        
I am an entertainment addict.  Every moment of every day, I want - no need - to be districted, to have artificial noise pumped in to my head.  The Internet is my drug of choice, and technology my dealer.  Have you ever sat in bed with your laptop, put it away for the night with the intent on going to sleep and in the same motion picked up your phone? I have - and I do every night.

Did you ‘Gram that?                                                                                                                            
I cannot imagine, nor do I wish to imagine, a world without technology, and yet the only places I find peace are those without them.  The time spent in my head while running, devoid of interference, is the best time of any given day.  However, in a turn of phrase I’ll posit as clever, I cannot run from my problems, I skipped leg day.

Did you watch NBA game with Kobe verse Lebron?                                                                          
I, like my peers around me, are kicking the can of internal honesty down the road.  One more video, one more page, one more minute, and soon enough the desire to hold internal court has passed.  But it is not as though I want to get clean, I very much like my addiction, can you imagine actually having to face your demons?  

Did you see the Snapchat from Colbert?                                                                                    
Going cold turkey and cutting out all entertainment certainly is not the answer, and nor is upping the dosage since my eyes likely could not take it.  There has to be a middle ground, a way of spending time inside head with no backsliding cell phone breaks or multi-hour Netflix show binges, a compromise where I can work on myself with the acknowledgement that my laptop will be fully charged when I get back to it.  Is it two hours less a day, a ten minute meditation break, I truly am not sure.  But I do know this, at some point in the not too distant future, being bored might just be what I need.

Did you listen to the new season of Serial?                                                                                      
I’ll leave you with a quote from the patron saint of millennial introspection David Foster Wallace from The End of the Tour -- “we're gonna have to develop some real machinery inside our guts... to turn off pure, unalloyed pleasure. Or, I don't know about you, I'm gonna have to leave the planet. 'Cause the technology is just gonna get better and better. And it's gonna get easier and easier... and more and more convenient and more and more pleasurable... to sit alone with images on a screen... given to us by people who do not love us but want our money. And that's fine in low doses, but if it's the basic main staple of your diet, you're gonna die. “

Did you?


Tico D’Roga is a professional procrastinator and former mediocre child.  Powered by snark and only made stronger by coffee, he fell in love with movies when he learned Willy Wonka was the Waco Kid -- or wait, was it the other way around?  He is currently developing an adult personality due Fall 2016


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