Conversations with My Mother During a Bomb Cyclone: -(March 13th, 2019)

They are south of Castle Rock—I mean, Colorado Springs. They should have stayed another
Night. They’re saying Castle Rock’s gotten six inches, which is actually—see, the Mountains I think were fine. Like—deep in the mountains. I do remember in my youth—
Steamboat got only five inches. I do remember in my youth, I do recall—

Yeah, well—I doubt—I mean, I think they made a very good call. No? This was a good addition.
Two hundred outages reported in the Denver area alone. I’m very superficial. Oh. Three Thousand people in Douglas County don’t have power. And Arapahoe—well, we’re the Most effected. Wow. That’s really bad.

If she would only just say, “We really miss you guys, when can we make plans to see each
Other?” But she won’t do that. I’ve got a snake coming out of my—It’s always me who Has to start these things. And I’m done. If I reply to her, then she will just keep texting Me.

What is this? This is not our thing. Is this an addition without my permission? What the hell is
This? Look at it out front. Holy Moses. Did you change it back? Oh, because it ended? Because it ended. What do you want to listen to? Hello, it’s me. I thought we were going To watch the movie. Hello, it’s me. I’ve thought about—

Trump said he wouldn’t cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security—and guess what? His new—
His new lovely—in his new budget. “Parents accused of the college scams could face Some serious time in prison.” They will be used as examples, don’t you think? They’re Screwed. Smoke and ash. See, this is my question for you: is this really a good place for These people? Jail?

That’s what my mom said, “They’re taking a person who’s rehabilitated and dehabilitating—”
If I had been in the picture, there would have been some things said—and another thing, I think by taking that plea bargain, he forsook—he made a lot of mistakes, as my dad Said. But I don’t know. Well, I did my best—Let’s see what DIA is saying.

See, there’s no waits. Security is super quick. Whatever happened to early mornings? Because
I’m still here. I don’t think they could even get there. I love how my insurance lady calls Back—like a fucking asshole. There’s got to be a few small changes made.

Teachers are working like dogs right now. I think everyone’s catching up on all their grades and
Stuff—Don’t you think? Over the years—You should see this shithead’s grades. What? This shithead’s grades. Oh, that’s good you’re not being a dick in class anymore, but Your grades suck. I can see your body line. It’s a shame you have to die.

Maybe we’ll disappear. What do you want to do? What? I’m not taking you anywhere. Yeah—
What about three o’clock? “Three o’clock on a snow day.” Oh. I told you to make lunch a While back. Tomorrow’s Pie Day. Wow. And? It means you gotta have a pie. What are You making?

Look at the front. Wow. You can cut it in half and put it in a bun. How would that fit at all? How—
How would you—you dope. You know what doesn’t work? Your cute face with those Glasses. That’s not even my name, so I don’t know why you do that. “Give me your
Birth certificate.” So when—I don’t know, okay?

Say what I say—yeah, yeah, yeah. What is going on here? This is not good. Should I change it?
No—I used to love this song. What do they say? Things I don’t understand. Who sings This? I don’t even know. My mom’s power came on. You know, and they don’t have any Blinds or anything—you know what I mean? It’s a cruel, cruel summer.

What does this mean? What’s a mass service? Does this mean he passed away? No, no—
Okay. They’re saying he’s struggling more today. Okay. Maybe that wasn’t the right Wording. It’s like they’re—“We would love for you to all join us tomorrow for a mass Service—” But I think it’s like a—a prayer thing. I used to be a nice guy.

I do remember this lady—did I ever tell you this story? “No.” He was in a band, it was in Sept—
Wait a second. So, you know, and in—her nephew was in California doing a show—and, It’s kind of a crazy story, he was adopted—they couldn’t have kids, but—he was kind of Really into, not like punk music, but he was tatted-up. He didn’t drink or do drugs—but There was a belligerently drunk lady, and he wasn’t wearing a seatbelt—

Well, that’s kind of encouraging. Today you would think would be kind of a turning point. I went
To a radio interview
—so she hit that, and it made the car spin. I ended up alone with the Microphone—like multiple times. So, I do feel that there is a comeback here, but—
You don’t think that he would know?

Get out of town—I think I’ll get out of town. Are you looking at the weather? Why, is it worse?
I don’t know. Like I said, I don’t know if we’ve gotten a ton of snow—but, but look at the Front. It still looks like it’s a blizzard. “Did you crank the heat? I would. It said that a Hundred and eighty-four people are without power—” Okay, you must be in this crew. Even though we don’t got money—everything will bring

Are you going to clean that up, or am I going to have to do it? You need a sous chef. I am not
Your sous chef. Smell that—Rebel Rebel. I don’t know if I like that smoky flavor—If I liked Whiskey, I’d have one. I’m going to pour myself a glass of wine. You’ve got your mother In a whirl. She’s not sure if—You leave your shit all over my house.

They had power, but the power would go out for a minute. A flicker—yeah. A family where there
Once was one—In the morning
—because of the wind, but whatever. Well he died. You know what I’m saying. The car has about eight inches on it, but in the back it doesn’t Look like eight inches. They did this last time. Castle Rock—they should have just stayed Another—Everything's gonna be alright.

Everything is going to be alright, Liam.